Fluffy, furry, spikey or sleek? What’s your favourite Australian mammal species?

At last, an election you can actually get excited to vote in: join COSMOS and RiAus Education each year for our annual Australian Mammal of the Year competition.

Each year you and your students can:

  • discover more about the over 300 native mammal species that our call our diverse continent home
  • explore articles showcasing the awesomeness of our Australian mammal species
  • hear from experts about their showcase species, it’s unique features, and why their pick should also become your favourite
  • learn about the habitats which help each species thrive, and understand the challenges faced by threatened and endangered species
  • finally ensure your school community participates in each round of voting so they can see their favourite mammal rise to the top


And in 2023 join the inaugural Australian Mammal of the Year Colouring Competition.  Scroll down to learn more.

Explore Australian Mammal of the Year involvement below

AMOTY Poster A3 Riaus Edu_Tassie Devil

Australian Mammal of the Year: Voting

Join in and ensure your favourite mammal species make it to the top.  Encourage your school, classes, students and colleagues to GET INVOLVED.


Australian Mammal of the Year: Colouring Competition

Join in through the AMOTY Colouring Competition and learn more about our native mammal species while sharing your artistic skills.  Enter yourself, as well as encouraging your school, classes, and fellow students.  Download the ENTRY SHEET to get started.  Entries close August 24, 2023.  Visit HERE for full details.

AMOTY Poster A3 Riaus Edu_Seal

Australian Mammal of the Year: Species

Explore our native mammals with expert-written species profiles.  You can find them HERE.

AMOTY Poster A3 Riaus Edu - Wombat

Australian Mammal of the Year: Habitats

This year we will be showcasing the habitats of our native mammals. You can find them HERE.

Have a suggestion for future Australian Mammal of the Year education resources?  Tell us more by emailing [email protected].

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