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You can use these resources anywhere, anytime. They are perfect for classroom or remote learning, and easy for families to use with kids at home.


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  3. Click on any resources and review the topic and concept list to determine the suitability for your lesson. Each resource has an article or video to read or watch – if it’s not on the page, just click on the image to see it.
  4. Get your students to read the article or watch the video, you can summarise content for younger students.
  5. Download the PDF teachers’ resource and use the questions and activities to create your lesson or home-learning plan.


STEM Packs

Each pack contains a range of resources on a specific STEM theme and are designed to teach students subject understanding, as well as how to develop ‘scientific thinking skills’ about real-world problems. Packs include 3D printing, Forensics, Careers in STEM, Ethical Understanding, and Critical and Creative Thinking and many more…

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In Class With…

Watch celebrated science personalities answer students’ questions about STEM as part of the popular ‘In Class With…’ event series. Each video comes with an education resource suitable for classroom and remote learning.

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Careers in STEM

Use our career profiles to inspire students about the range of STEM careers available. All profiles include a downloadable teacher resource to support STEM teaching in class or remotely learning.

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