STEM Packs

In each of these packs, students explore the latest STEM careers – the science and the scientists – through videos, research and discussion.

Each STEM pack contains a range of resources on a specific STEM theme and are designed to teach students subject understanding, as well as how to develop scientific thinking skills about real-world problems. They aim to make students aware of the wide variety of STEM careers.

They also help students understand how science and society influence each another (i.e. Science as a Human Endeavour) and encourage students to develop their own STEM literacies and competencies.

During their explorations, students will appreciate how the different areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics interact and are interdependent, whilst developing their STEM skills and understanding.

No time?

If you don’t have time to teach a full STEM pack, have a go at one of our individual resources instead. These cover a wide range of STEM topics and can be used as part of an existing lesson to add context and relevance.

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