STEM Pack 7: Robotics

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Students explore the latest STEM careers – the science and the scientists – through videos, research and discussion.

The STEM Careers Packs aim to make students aware of the wide variety of STEM careers. They help students understand the importance of scientific knowledge, how science influences society, and how society influences science (i.e. Science as a Human Endeavour).

During their explorations, students will appreciate how the different areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics interact and are interdependent, whilst developing STEM literacies and competencies.

In STEM Career Pack 7: Robotics students will learn about the ways in which robots and robotics are transforming research, design and manufacturing.

There are many outcomes of the technologies in this area that are already with us, including industrial automation on a mass scale. But some of the most exciting applications that have recently begun to emerge include machines that literally replace body parts, such as fully functional artificial limbs.

This pack delivers many of the Design and Technology – Design & Understanding criteria from the National Curriculum and all tasks are mapped to Science as a Human Endeavour as well as the core capabilities, making it ideal to deliver cross-curricular lessons as well.

STEM Career Packs 5–8 focus on four interest areas: 3D printing, Art Conservation, Robotics and Forensics. It is anticipated that students who don’t typically like ‘science’ but are interested in 3D printers, art restoration, robots or CSI television shows, will come to see how their interests relate to the science they study at school and STEM career possibilities.

Please note: Some of the links to videos in this STEM Pack are temporarily unavailable. Watch the Working In… videos from this pack here.

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Years:  7, 8, 9, 10


Digital Technology – Digital systems, Programming

Additional: Careers, Technology, Engineering, Ethics