Warmer climates are turning green sea turtles female

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Biological Sciences – Ecosystems; Lifecycles

Earth and Space Sciences – The Changing Earth; Renewable/Non-renewable resources

Physical Sciences – Energy

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Interdependence and Ecosystems

Earth and Space Sciences – The Earth’s Surface

Physical Sciences – Energy

Years: 4, 6, 7, 9, 10

Word count: 389

Male green sea turtles have all but vanished from the northern Great Barrier reef with a new study finding that more than 99 per cent of about 200,000 of the animals there are female. Researchers say global warming is the culprit. This article can be used to look at a range of ecosystem and lifecycle topics; how climate change is affecting our planet or from the angle of renewable resources and how energy production is leading to climate change and the consequences of that.

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4, 6-7 & 9-10