STEM Pack 9: Vaccination

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Students explore the latest STEM careers – the science and the scientists – through videos, research and discussion.

The STEM Careers Packs aim to make students aware of the wide variety of STEM careers. They help students understand the importance of scientific knowledge, how science influences society, and how society influences science (i.e. Science as a Human Endeavour).

During their explorations, students will appreciate how the different areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics interact and are interdependent, whilst developing STEM literacies and competencies.

STEM Pack 9: Vaccination is designed to teach for understanding as well as to teach students to think well (in other words, to make well-reasoned judgements) about empirical (factual) and ethical matters.

More specifically, it is designed to teach students to hold good reasons for their opinion about vaccination, particularly about whether or not children should be vaccinated. There are many questions around vaccinations, many of which are ethical in nature which will be explored in this pack.

This pack can be used to show the relevance of Biological Science using the Science Understanding and Science Inquiry strands. It should therefore be delivered alongside topical teaching of Biological Sciences (ACSSU150), (ACSSU175), Civics & Citizenship (ACHCK061), and Unit 4 of senior Biology.

All tasks in this pack are mapped to Science as a Human Endeavour as well as the Core Capabilities from the Australian National Curriculum.

Please note: Some of the links to videos in this STEM Pack are temporarily unavailable. Watch the Working In… videos from this pack here.

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Years: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Biological Sciences – The Body, Living Things

Civics & Citizenship – Government and democracy, Laws and Citizens, Citizenship, diversity and identity

Additional: Careers, Technology, Engineering, Ethics

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Form and Function