Day of AI Australia

The Day of AI is a full day of highly interactive teaching materials for students Year 5 to Year 10 about artificial intelligence.

Why not learn more by participating in the DAY of AI AUSTRALIA. Each year in Term 2 students from Year 5 to 10 from schools across Australia are invited to participate in a day of creative, fun and hands-on activities to immerse themselves in AI. Materials are designed by MIT, i2Learning, UNSW and CS in Schools to support all teachers with AI education – no need for teachers to have a computer science background.



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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction books and movies. It’s already here and it’s a growing part of our everyday lives. There are so many simple things we do each day that involve AI. Sometimes we don’t event realise it!

As AI continues to transform the way we live, work and learn it’s essential that Australian school students – as the next generation of STEM experts – understand what AI is, how it works and how to harness its power for good.

Visit Day of AI Australia to explore resources and learn more.

This event is open to all, no computer science background is necessary.  event is designed for Year 7 to 10 students learning about AI and STEM careers. So why not get involved and inspire your students to learn about AI and STEM careers and building our future digital workforce. 

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About Day of AI

An education in AI is more important than ever before. The Day of AI is designed to help young Australians develop the skills that will be critical to the future. And it will show them that they don’t just have to be tech users, they can be tech innovators and creators too!

The initiative was launched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2022 and the TDM Foundation and other partners are very excited to bring the Day of AI to Australia.

While AI is something we can’t always see, behind AI technologies there are real people who create the thousands of AI applications we use in our daily lives. Faces of AI celebrates some of the extraordinary and diverse Australians who champion AI.

The activities are designed to be easily delivered by teachers with little to no background in computer science and digital technologies and to be accessible to students of all abilities.

AI should be for everyone, which is why schools can participate in the Day of AI for free. Learn more about registering your school here.

Full support is available for teachers and educators to run Day of AI activities in their classrooms through teaching material and training, all of which is available at no cost to participants. The only requirement for schools to participate is an internet connection and laptops for students.

To access Day of AI Australia teaching materials, you will need to register.  All lessons and registrations are free of charge.

To assist in the planning and delivery of these lessons, we have created a series of training videos which can be accessed here. This training is to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the teaching materials.

Each year organisers provide a range of other videos and Q&A sessions.  Visit Day of AI Australia in late Term 1/ early Term 2 each year to learn more.

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