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Dive deep into the world of the green turtle and explore marine mysteries

In celebration of Earth Day 2024 (22nd April), COSMOS Magazine and WeTransfer are proud to unveil an array of educational ocean-focused content for you to download.  Our Ocean Wonders Pack includes cinematic video, an immersive e-book, and classroom-ready factsheets and posters.




Ocean Wonders Resource Pack Details

Among the sea’s most cherished inhabitants is the awe-inspiring green turtle.

Our classroom ready resource pack includes factsheets and posters highlighting key green turtle facts and exploring the impact climate change plays in endangering these majestic marine creatures.

Resources include:

  • Factsheet 1 – Green Turtle – Species and Ecosystem Facts
  • Factsheet 2 – Green Turtle – Climate Change and Environmental Impacts
  • Factsheet 3 – Green Turtle – Plastic Pollution Impacts
  • Poster Collection – 4 individual posters, highlighting key facts or did you know items

These resources could suit Upper Primary (Year 5 & 6) and Middle Secondary (Year 7-9) students.  They are also suitable as classroom displays across all year levels,

A high-definition video taken by renowned British wildlife photographer, Robert Fuller, will take your classroom beneath the waves.  Students can gain an insight into the lives of the green turtle as they watch these gentle giants of the ocean in action.

Throughout 2023, COSMOS writers journeyed into the oceanic depths, unravelling the mysteries of the marine world.  This richly illustrated, free e-book shines a spotlight on iconic marine creatures and offers a profound look at ocean conservation.

Explore this collection of over 100 stories to discover:

  • Do octopuses dream?
  • Can uranium by extracted from seawater?
  • Are offshore windfarms a hazard for whales?
  • And much more.