First cloned primates produced in China

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Biological Sciences – Cells; The Body; Life-cycles; Genetics

Additional – Careers; Technology

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Form and Function; Diversity and Evolution

Years: 8, 10

Word count: 1175

This ground-breaking cloning news story explains why cloning complex mammals such as monkeys hasn’t happened before, and how it was carried out as well as explaining some of the reasons for why it was undertaken. This resource could be used to support delivery of the Biological Sciences curriculum specifically with a focus on ACSSU150 in Year 8 and ACSSU184 in Year 10, and raises a host of ethical questions for students to answer as well as the relevance of this development to their lives in future potentially. A slightly longer read than some, but excellent explainers throughout for a complex topic.

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8 & 10