How Antarctic microbes survive on thin air

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Biological Sciences – Ecosystems; Cells; Lifecycles; Genetics; Living Things

Earth and Space Sciences – The Changing Earth; The Solar System

Additional: Careers; Technology

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Interdependence and Ecosystems; Form and Function; Diversity and Evolution

Earth and Space Sciences – The Earth’s Surface, Earth in Space

Years: 5, 7, 9, 10

Word Count: 425

An interesting look at how life finds a way, even in the inhospitable climate of Antarctica and the implications this research could have on us finding, or cultivating, life on other planets. Could be used to deliver Biological Sciences curriculum for Year 7 (ACSSU112), looking at food chains, Year 9 ecosystems (ACSSU176), and Year 10 DNA (ACSSU184) as well as Earth and Space Sciences for Years 5/7/10 (ACSSU078), (ACSSU115), (ACSSU188), (ACSSU189)

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5, 7 & 9-10