Norovirus spread tracked with mathematical modelling

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Biological Sciences – Cells; The Body;

Additional: Careers; Technology; Maths

Concept (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Interdependence & Ecosystems; Form & Function

Years: Year 8; Year 9

Word count: 671 + 1:07m video explaining what Norovirus is

This piece looks at how norovirus spreads through cruise ships, and using mathematical modelling to prove where, or who, the culprits are. Aligns with the Year 8 & 9 Biological Sciences curriculum, either looking at human cell function/immune systems or disease transmission and interactions between disease and the human body for (ACSSU149) (ACSSU150)  (ACSSU175) or (ACSSU176)

Please download the FREE accompanying teacher resource for suggested questions for each relevant year level, as well as to see how this resource maps to the Science as a Human Endeavour strand of the National Curriculum.

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