Explore space for the Premier’s Reading Challenge


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If you’re looking to increase students’ scientific literacy, the 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge could be just for you.

Find out how to get involved with STEM students of any age, win some prizes and maybe even learn about space along the way.

Read about Space to win in the 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Credit: Getty

The South Australian Department for Education and Inspiring SA have teamed up once again to encourage students to read more.

Open to all students from Reception to Year 12, the Premier’s Reading Challenge is an initiative that started in 2004 designed to increase student literacy levels.

The 2021 competition runs from 27 April until 2 July and within that time, students are encouraged to read 12 books. They can choose from a list of recommended readings based on their Year level and can also read books of their personal choosing.

Students are asked to keep a reading record and a parent, caregiver, teacher or librarian can sign off to verify each book has been read.

There are a huge number of fiction and non-fiction books for students to choose from. Some of our personal highlights this year include A is for Astronaut: Exploring Space from A to Z by Traci N. Todd, 100 Science Experiments by Georgina Andrews and A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

Students who participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge year after year will be awarded certificates and medals, including the Legend medal after their sixth year and will enter the Hall of Fame after seven years of participating!

We are most excited about the SPACE Science sub-category by Inspiring SA. Students and schools have the opportunity to win special space-related prizes just by reading some amazing books about space!

Inspiring SA have also created some design challenges to accompany the reading to get students engaging with the content and the science within the books. All winners from the SPACE Science sub-category will be announced during National Science Week, so don’t miss out.

You can find out all you need to know about the Premier’s Reading Challenge here and if your students love science and would like to take part in the SPACE Science sub-category from Inspiring SA and the Department for Education, have a look here.