Best of: Evolution

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Our best of series, published each week, collates our favourite and most popular resources for a particular topic.

This week, we bring together our resources for teaching about evolution for year 10 students studying Biological Sciences.

Australian Curriculum Code: ACSSU185

“The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of living things and is supported by a range of scientific evidence”

  • evaluating and interpreting evidence for evolution, including the fossil record, chemical and anatomical similarities, and geographical distribution of species


This resource may also be useful for students in Senior Secondary looking to secure their basic knowledge and understanding before digging deeper.

Each article and activity should take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this activity:

All must: State what is meant by the theory of evolution.

Most should: Describe some evidence that supports the theory of evolution and what evolution means for the diversity of living things.

Some could: Evaluate and interpret some pieces of evidence for evolution, explaining how it supports the theory and why.

Consider which of the above learning outcomes you should be aiming for throughout this activity.

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