COSMOS SCIENCE CITY: The video gaming industry




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Jobs in the world of video games are opening up to people with more diverse interests.

There is a strong push in game development globally for more diversity in developers as more diversity means more ideas and broader audiences. The fast growing video gaming industry is looking for designers, and creative artists, as well as the usual hard core logic and science programmers.

In this recorded episode of COSMOS Science City, our panel of researchers are joined by an industry expert to discuss the latest in video gaming research and development. They also talk about diversity and representation in games.

Content in this discussion could be used to support educator professional learning or to further student knowledge, helping broaden understanding of the study and career pathways available to students once they have completed their secondary schooling journey.

More about Cosmos Science City

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Hosted by one of Cosmos’s science journalists, the sessions aim to inspire curiosity in ‘The Science of Everything’ and make the world of science accessible to everyone.