COSMOS Magazine: How do you stage a Holographic Concert?


5, 9 & 11-12

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From speeches by long-dead football coaches to concerts from legendary musicians still very much alive, what does it take to create and present a holographic performance? AMANDA YEO nails down the facts.

Explore the reflection and refraction of light in a fun way in this STEM resource for Year 5, 9 and Senior Secondary Physics learners. Download the free student activity and teachers guide to engage students in creating pyramid projectors and explain the science of haunted holograms!

This article was written for COSMOS Magazine Issue #93 by Amanda Yeo, she is a Sydney-based writer and co-creator of tech podcast Queens of the Drone Age. Her most recent story for COSMOS Magazine, on drones, appeared in Issue 91.

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Physical Sciences – Energy

Additional: Art, Maths, Technology.

Concepts (South Australia):

Physical Sciences – Wave and particle models, Transfer of light energy


5, 9 & 11-12