International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022

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This Friday 11th February 2022, the world celebrates the amazing contribution that women and girls have had to science.

Research shows negative stereotyping and unconscious bias impacts girls’ participation in STEM at school. It also points to the benefit of role models and fostering positive attitudes towards these subjects.

We hope this selection of STEM articles and resources allow you to create conversations with girls about STEM, bust stereotypes, expose girls to a range of STEM career options and provide STEM role models that girls can relate to.

Watch, read and listen, and get to know the amazing Women in STEM that we have featured throughout the past year. They’ve got a lot to say, and they’re saying it loud enough to change the world!

Resources are split into the following sections:

Professional reading for educators

Telling girls they don’t like STEM halves their involvement at any age

Credit: Maskot / Getty Images

An experiment tests gender stereotyping in computer science to identify factors contributing to girls lack of involvement in STEM.

It’s not lack of confidence that’s holding back women in STEM

We need to find out what’s causing the gender gap so we can close it.

Recent research into closing the gender gap in STEM counters the assumption that women lack confidence.

Flavia Tata Nardini on women in engineering

Flavia Tata Nardini talks about women in engineering and urges girls to get involved in STEM and experience everything, so they can find what they love.

STEM to inspire

Australia’s first trainee woman astronaut tells us what it takes

Kim Ellis Hayes is currently training to be Australia’s first woman astronaut. Find out what it takes.

Learn about the process of becoming an Australian astronaut in this resource for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students learning about STEM careers.

In Class With… Professor Fiona Wood

This In Class With… Prof Fiona Wood

With questions about her career pathway, the design process and advice for students, Professor Fiona Wood inspires students to do what they love and make the most of opportunities.

For students learning about the use and influence of science, and how it can affect peoples’ lives, this In Class With… will inspire, engage and answer all the big questions!

Courage has a quiet voice: The women who won’t give up on educating Afghanistan

With the Taliban takeover, how will education change? In general, for girls and women, and for STEM?

Find out how girls have to fight for education in Afghanistan, and the concern about the future of education following the Taliban takeover. This video is important for teachers and secondary students to appreciate something as fundamental as education and acknowledge that although it’s a global right for all, not all are allowed to access it.

When I Grow Up

In an attempt to inspire a younger generation of females into STEM careers when they grow up, a teacher shares the story of Sally Ride, the first woman to land on the moon, ultimately inspiring the young women of today to pursue a career in science.

This film was submitted to the SCINEMA 2021 International Science Film Festival and was selected to feature in our Space, Animation/Experimental and School categories.

Career inspiration

STELR Career Profiles in STEM – Marine Renewable Engineer

Claire Legrand works as a Marine Renewable Engineer for Black & Veatch. She specialises in marine renewable energy resources such as tidal and wave power.

STELR Career Profiles in STEM – Systems Engineer

Find out about the work of Systems Engineer, Archana Sathivelu in her career with Hydrix, a biomedical manufacturer in Australia.

Highlight some lesser-known careers in STEM in this series to inspire students. Increasing awareness of careers in STEM is a proven way of improving students’ perceived value of STEM and motivating them to pursue STEM pathways.

If you love both art and science, you can be a scientific illustrator

What is a scientific illustrator? Observation, patience and attention to detail are skills necessary for both art and science. In Situ Science explores what it takes to be a scientific illustrator specialising in producing highly detailed and accurate images that demonstrate scientific concepts, specimens and procedures.

Diversity in engineering with Leeanne Bond

Engineer, company director and diversity leader Leeanne Bond talks about breaking down the blokey barriers in the world of engineering.

This career profile and podcast directly addresses the importance of women in engineering.