QUT Teacher Podclass Series

This podcast series by QUT aims to bridge the gap between researchers and educators. A podcast series that’s all about supporting and inspiring teachers.



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Queensland University of Technology has launched a new podcast series, shining a light of education and topics that are important to teachers.

QUT is aiming to bridge the gap between teachers and researchers through a new seven-part podcast series titled Podclass.  

Podclass, is a free resource that teachers and educators can access and learn from the wealth of QUT’s education research.

“We wanted a series of conversations that would connect teachers, educators and even parents to our education researchers, and to learn from their expert ideas, strategies and approaches to education,” Professor Simone White from QUT says.

The podcast covers topics such as leadership roles, teacher’s health and wellbeing and thinking outside of the classroom.

Host, award-winning journalist Madonna King, says that researchers offer a different perspective on teaching due to both their experiences as teachers, and their research expertise.

“The researchers I shared conversations with in Podclass have stood in front of a classroom and faced the same challenges our teachers face each day.”

“They’ve also taught a generation of pre-service teachers, and together, they provide a library of knowledge and tips backed by their own research.”

“Their passion and knowledge stand out in each episode, as does their admiration for those who lead our classrooms,” King says.

Listen to Podclass here.

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