This Show Is NOT Rubbish

Join the Trash Can Man as he turns TRASH into scientific TREASURE – creating unexpected moments of scientific wonder as he playfully examines all those things that humans tend to absently throw away.

What was the last thing you chucked in a bin? Could you have reused that thing? Recycled it? Or maybe used it to do some amazing science? Expect all sorts of odd surprises as the Trash Can Man uses ordinary objects to do the most extraordinary things…

Based on the award-winning live show, each episode is packed full of fascinating facts, quirky and spectacular science demonstrations, as well as a dumpster full of fantastically useful waste management tips, tricks and ideas.

You can use these resources to:

  • start a discussion about recycling
  • demonstrate fun and creative ways to reuse household waste
  • discover hands-on science experiments that can be done anywhere
  • explore science in the home.

Meet The Trash Can Man – An Introductory Episode

Explore all episodes in the series below.

Look out for more videos and events from the Trash Can Man on his website.

This Show is NOT Rubbish! is a That Science Gang program.

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We are committed to producing a diverse range of high quality, memorable science experiences that fascinate, surprise and motivate – provoking thought and discussion.


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