Who’s Eating Who: An Antarctic Murder Mystery

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Can you solve the mystery of why the krill are disappearing?

Use your knowledge of food chains in this fun activity for Year 7 Biology students learning about ecosystems and human impact.

Download the activity below.

In the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, there lurks a dangerous new threat. After living together and eating happily for eons there is now rising panic amongst residents.

The number of krill populations has dropped drastically and we need your help to find out who is responsible.

Download the activity to read the information about the local inhabitants of the Antarctic to see if you can solve the mystery.

This resource is supported by the Australian Antarctic Division.

The Royal Institution of Australia is the official education partner of the Australian Antarctic Division.

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Year: 7


Biological Sciences – Ecosystems

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Interdependence and Ecosystems