D.I.Y Science – Floating in Salt Water

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The D.I.Y. Science series contains some of our favourite experiments for kids to try at home. They are designed to help school teachers and carers inspire a child’s curiosity in science. It’s time to get hands-on.

Find out why it is easier to float in salt water in this episode.

It is best suited to Years 7 and 8 Chemistry and Physics students who are learning mixtures and separations, density or buoyancy.

D.I.Y SCIENCE: Floating in Salt Water

Find out why it is easier to float in salt water than fresh water.

Video Length: 2:00 mins

With thanks to Questacon.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so much easier to float in the sea at the beach than in a swimming pool? Find out why in this short video.

What you’ll need:

1 x fresh egg
1 x glass half full with water
1 x jug of water
1 x large spoon
1 x teaspoon
6 x teaspoons of salt
Red food colouring
Blue food colouring

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Years: 7, 8


Chemical Sciences – Mixtures and Separations, Particle Models

Physical Sciences – Forces

Additional – Careers, Technology, Engineering

Concepts (South Australia):

Chemical Sciences – Properties of Matter

Physical Sciences – Forces and Motion