D.I.Y. Science – Morse Code

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The D.I.Y. Science series contains some of our favourite experiments for kids to try at home. They are designed to help primary school teachers and carers inspire a child’s curiosity in science. It’s time to get hands-on.

This episode shows how to make an electrical circuit with a buzzer to create Morse code.

It is best suited to year 6 students to introduce them to how we actually use electrical circuits and their particular use for communication.


Create your own Morse Code by building an electrical circuit.

Video Length: 2:00 mins

With thanks to Questacon.

What did people do before telephones and the internet? How did they communicate with each other over vast distances? Find out by trying the activity in this short video.


What you’ll need:

1 x 9 volt battery
1 x 9 volt battery holder*
1 x small buzzer*
1 x wooden peg
2 x pieces of Aluminium foil

*available to purchase online, or from an electronics store (e.g. Jaycar)

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Years: 6


Physical Sciences – Energy

Additional: Careers; Technology; Engineering

Concepts (South Australia):

Physical Sciences – Energy