Future Now: A Modern Condition

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Future Now explores the latest innovations in science – from repairing the human body, to the past and future of dental care.

This episode of Future Now explores how our modern world is set up to sustain us, but introduces new problems – like acid erosion.

Best suited for year 8 and 9 biology and chemistry students, this resource explores the impact of our modern diet on oral health. It is well suited to students learning about acid reactions, body systems and technology’s impact on society.

Future Now: Episode 5: A Modern Condition

Video length: 3:23 mins

With thanks to GSK.

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Biological Sciences – Cells, The Body

Chemical Sciences – Chemical Reactions, Atoms

Additional – Careers, Technology, Engineering.

Concepts (South Australia):

Biological Sciences – Form and Function

Chemical Sciences – Change of Matter

Years: 8, 9


5 & 7-10