In Class With… Dr Alan Finkel

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Renewable energy powerhouse Dr Alan Finkel took on questions from school students around Australia in this exclusive In Class With… event.

With questions submitted by video and in writing, Alan discusses everything from what a Chief Scientist is to whether or not nuclear energy is renewable. He even has some advice for students hoping to be successful.

For students learning about renewable energy and Australia’s role in the world, this In Class With… will answer all the big questions!

Video Length: 29 minutes

This event is supported by Wild Dingo Press, publishers of the Aussie STEM Stars books. These books, including Dr Alan Finkel’s, are available now from bookshops and online.

Concepts (AC V8.4):

Chemical Sciences – Atoms

Earth and Space Sciences – Renewable/non-renewables, Climate Change

Physical Sciences – Energy

Additional: Engineering

Concepts (AC V8.4 – South Australia):

Chemical Sciences – Change of Matter

Earth and Space Sciences – The Earth’s Surface

Physical Sciences – Energy


4, 6-8 & 10-12