Professional Development: Using SCINEMA in your classroom


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In June, we hosted a virtual professional development session for STEM educators, to show how to use SCINEMA International Science Film Festival films and associated educational resources with your classes.

During the session, we previewed a film from this years festival and explored the accompanying resource. We showed what to expect from these education resource packs, how to best use them, and what your students can expect to get from it.

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Video Length: 39:28

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Get Involved

Find out some other ways which you, your students, and your schools can get involved in SCINEMA International Science Film Festival:

  • HOST A STUDENT WORKSHOP – Have your students participate in a virtual series of SCINEMA workshops hosted by our Education Specialist Jennifer Chalmers. These will begin in mid-July and will use the power of film to elicit a passion for STEM while connecting scientific concepts to the real world. Find out more here.
  • HOST A SCINEMA SCREENING – Organise your own SCINEMA festival watch party throughout August and you will get access to all of this years playlists, including the full education playlists and activities. Register here.
  • PARTICIPATE IN SCINEMA JUNIOR – if your students are interested in science videos, you can encourage them to create their own and submit it into next years SCINEMA Film Festival. Find out how here.

Get last year’s SCINEMA resource packs

If you can’t wait until August for the full release of this year’s resources, you can access a selection of last year’s resources and films here.
This will let you see what you can expect from this year’s festival.

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