Phenomena – Episode 2: Matter

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Energy is at the foundation of all change in the universe. Chemical reactions reveal explosive and vivid patterns that visualise the power and beauty of energy.

This film was submitted to the SCINEMA 2021 International Science Film Festival and was selected to feature in our Australian, Experimental and School categories. It also achieved the Special Jury Award at the festival. The filmmaker has kindly allowed us to continue to show the film beyond the festival. Watch it below and download the accompanying educational resource for fun activities to use with your students.

Video Length: 4:57 mins

Film Description

The shape of matter is temporary. Under changing temperatures, a saltwater mixture transforms from liquid into a kaleidoscope of crystals.

Lesson Inspiration

This film demonstrates how temperature affects the shape of matter. It is best suited for Year 7 Physics students learning about forces and Year 8 Chemistry students learning about the particles in solids, liquids and gases.

Useful when:

Teaching about the effects of forces and considering how particle structure changes as matter changes state.

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Years: 7, 8


Chemical Sciences – Solids/Liquids/Gases

Physical Sciences – Forces

Concepts (South Australia):

Chemical Sciences – Properties of Matter

Physical Sciences – Forces and Motion

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is the largest science film festival in the Southern Hemisphere! The 2021 festival is now over but we have permission for some of the films and their associated educational resources to use with your students.

Each resource is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and contains hands-on activities for your students. Designed to engage and inspire, these resources demonstrate STEM careers and skills to your students, encouraging them to be curious thinkers, problem-solvers and contributing citizens within society.