Square Kilometre Array


5, 7 & 10

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Earth and Space Sciences – The Solar System

Additional: Careers

Concepts (South Australia):

Earth and Space Sciences – Earth in Space

Years: 5, 7, 10

Video length: 3:46m

What will it take to build the world’s largest telescope? Why would we want to do it anyway? The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is the telescope of the future, designed to answer the biggest questions humans have ever asked. With experts spanning 20 countries around the globe, the SKA is a time machine, supercomputing powerhouse and engineering challenge all in one. ICRAR is part of the Australian effort towards the SKA, working with our international colleagues to see this amazing machine become reality.

This video gives a short but insightful introduction and overview of the program – excite your students with this topic – it might even inspire them to look into a whole new career path not thought of before!

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5, 7 & 10