STEM CAREERS: Tamara Davis – Astrophysicist



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Meet Tamara Davis. She studies “the whole universe”, or specifically, astrophysics to better understand dark energy and dark matter. She was inspired by Haley’s comet and space shuttles as a kid and actually wanted to be an astronaut.

Video length: 2:10 mins

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Years: 7, 8, 9, 10


Earth and Space Sciences – Solar System; Big Bang

Additional – Careers

Concepts (South Australia):

Earth and Space Sciences – Earth in Space

Think all scientists are lab-coat wearing, bunsen-burning geeks? Think again. Scientists come in all shapes and sizes and with Brain Box you can get to know the wonderful brains behind the science.

This video is part of The Australian Academy of Science’s Brain Box series of content – 3 minute videos introducing a variety of people working in a range of Science background jobs.