Working in Robotics & Engineering – Robotic Engineer

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The Working In… series compiles a selection of fascinating STEM jobs in a multitude of fields. They are designed to highlight the variety of STEM careers available to students that they may not have considered, or been aware of before now. Find out where your future career may lie here.

Follow Zoz Brooks as he explains how a career in TV was borne out of an interest in chemistry at an early age so he could make his own fireworks. This lead him to study computing and become an engineer that could design and make robots.

He sees himself as a general problem solver with technology being the solution. Where could your curiosity take you?

This activity is best suited for Year 7-10 STEM students who are looking at applications of engineering and technology to help society. It demonstrates how engineers must be involved in the ethics of new technologies and how technology has evolved to meet the needs of society.

Working In… Robotics and Engineering — Science and Engineering Consultant

Working In… Robotics and Engineering — Robotic Engineer

Video Length: 4:15 / 3.17 mins

These videos are part of our Working In… series. See more in the series here.

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Years: 7, 8, 9, 10


Additional: Careers, Technology, Engineering.