Relativity – A Rap Performed by Albert Einstein



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Take a fun look at relativity in this Hamilton-style rap where puppet Einstein travels through space with a class of students to learn the wonders of special and general relativity.

This film was submitted to the SCINEMA 2021 International Science Film Festival and was selected to feature in our Junior and School categories. The filmmaker has kindly allowed us to continue to show the film beyond the festival. Watch it below and download the accompanying educational resource for fun activities to use with your students.

Video Length: 6:41 mins

Film Description

A Hamilton-style rap where a puppet Einstein travels through space with a class of students to teach them the wonders of special and general relativity.

Lesson Inspiration

This film takes a fun look at relativity. Although the pace of the content is delivered quickly, it is communicated well and students could refer back to it several times to remind them of key concepts of relativity. It is was submitted as a SCINEMA Junior entry and so could also be used to inspire students about different ways of presenting their learning to demonstrate their understanding and help with revision.

Useful when:

Introducing Unit 4 of senior physics where students will be learning about reference frames, space time and relativity.

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Years: 11, 12


Physical Sciences – Revolutions in modern physics

Additional – Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking.

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is the largest science film festival in the Southern Hemisphere! The 2021 festival is now over but we have permission for some of the films and their associated educational resources to use with your students.

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