Seeing science differently

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We spoke to David Attenborough producer and Multi-award winner Dr Chadden Hunter to find out why science films are so important.

Find out how Chadden Hunter makes his incredible science films, what inspires him, what skills he uses and why he loves his job in this short film for creative STEM students. Learn how creativity and science understanding come together to produce engaging and accurate communications that will inspire and teach people about the wonders of science.

Our SCINEMA films and resources will be available from 1 August 2021. Find out how to access them all for free below.

Video Length: 20:02 mins

RiAus spoke to Dr Chadden Hunter, who has worked with David Attenborough to direct Seven Worlds One Planet, winner of the 2021 Best Film award in our very own SCINEMA International Science Film Festival, about why film is so important for communicating science and inspiring curiosity.

SCINEMA is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere showcasing the best in science cinema from around the world. SCINEMA is a celebration of the power of the moving image to inspire the young, satisfy the curious, explain the baffling and ask the impossible.

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You can host your own SCINEMA Community Screening in school or at home for free during the month of August in support of National Science Week!

Using science films in the classroom is a proven way to engage students through context-based learning that tackles global issues. They help teachers demonstrate applications of science in the real world, explain how STEM impacts society and model how creative you can be in science.

So, whether it’s in your classroom, library, local pub or even in your lounge room, you can host your own public or private event. All you need is a screen, computer, access to the internet and an audience (popcorn optional).

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